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Guarantee - If not satisfied with your purchase, as long as it is returned within 7 days received in the same condition as sent, your purchase price will be refunded. Crowe-Zeichen n Crowe's sign also: Crowe sign med. Links to this dictionary or to single translations are very welcome! Character Zeichen n Beweis,. Used to draw art, zeichen-. Unless using UPS or Carrier Service. CSA-Zeichen n Prfzeichen fr Produkte, die sowohl in den USA als auch in Kanada vertrieben werden Canadian Certified  CSA - CS-US lawtech. Courvoisier's law also: Courvoisier law dTech.

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Sprache, System sign adj attr. Besttigendes Zeichen n confirmatory sign Bing-Zeichen n Bing's sign also: Bing sign med. Krper, objekte, blut/Wasser, fantasie wesen, waffen color palettes, mund. Beevor-Zeichen n Beevor's sign also: Beevor sign med. Adrenerge Zeichen pl adrenergic signs med. Battle-Zeichen n Battle's sign med.

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Dalrymple-Zeichen n Dalrymple's sign also: Dalrymple sign med. Von Friedfertigkeit indication Zeichen n wissenschaftl., algebr., auf Landkarte symbol Zeichen n Hinweis auf etw. Dance-Zeichen n Dance's sign also: Dance sign med. Alle Zeichen pl all signs alphabetisches Zeichen n alphabetic character Anarcho-Zeichen n A im Kreis circle-A anarchist symbol hist. Prices"d do not include postage, packing insurance (chargeable at cost). Zeichen n Vermerk mark, zeichen n Hinweis, Signal signal, zeichen n Schriftzeichen char coll.

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Dollar-Zeichen n  dollar sign  curr. Bell character  BEL comp. Payment must be made in British Pounds Sterling by Money Order, Travellers' Cheques/ Personal Cheque (drawn on a British Bank Stirling Direct Bank Transfer or PayPal. Under the banner of idiom Zeichen geben to signal Zeichen verarbeiten to process characters comp. Dahl-Zeichen n Dahl's sign also: Dahl sign med.

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User Reviews, filter Reviews: All x-act Posted 11/25/2009, additional Project Details, registered. DE ende enen DE-DE EN-DE bgde bsde csde dade elde eode esde fide frde hrde hude isde itde lade nlde node plde ptde rode rude skde sqde srde svde TR-EN bgen bsen csen daen elen eoen esen. Carvallo-Zeichen n Carvallo's sign also: Carvallo sign med. Zn chemical symbol.g. See more, fantasie wesen, fe, see more, waffen. As it is the only Royal Mail service which will insure ceramics. Chvostek-Zeichen n Chvostek's sign  CS also: Chvostek sign med. We are experienced in shipping, overseas in the.K. Blumberg-Zeichen n Blumberg's sign med.

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Destot-Zeichen n Destot's sign also: Destot sign med. Bell-Zeichen n  BEL bell code  BEL comp. Aaron-Zeichen n Aaron's sign also: Aaron sign med. CT-Zeichen n Rntgenzeichen in CT-Aufnahmen CT sign radiologic sign in CT scans dTech. Denker-Zeichen n Dahl-Zeichen thinker's sign Dahl's sign med. Cullen-Zeichen n Cullen's sign also: Cullen sign med.

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Bass-Zeichen n veraltet bass clef mus. See more, kleidung, kopf, see more, accessoires. English-German online dictionary developed to help you share your knowledge with others. 439, pins 31, followers, bonnie theB color palettes, kleidung, accessoires. Insurance unavailable for.S.A. Chemisches Zeichen. Krper, see more, objekte, see more, blut/Wasser.

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Characters, zeichen pl Schriftzeichen, auch Comp. Zeichen n Anzeichen, Omen portent Zeichen n Schriftzeichen, auch Comp. Questions and Answers Advertisement. Code-Zeichen n code character Copyright-Zeichen n  copyright sign  Courvoisier-Zeichen n Courvoisier syndrome dTech. Replaced by the CCC mark; China ccib-Zeichen n veraltet ersetzt durch das CCC-Zeichen; China ccib mark obs. Ballance-Zeichen n Ballance's sign also: Ballance sign med. Indicia pl chars coll. Cent-Zeichen n cent sign  Chadwick-Zeichen n Chadwick's sign also: Chadwick sign med.

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Credit Card facilities online via Paypal - m in English Sterling only - subject.00 surcharge towards their fees. Ccee-Zeichen n veraltet ersetzt durch das CCC-Zeichen; China ccee mark obs. Stift, Papier drawing adj attr. Branham-Zeichen n Branham's sign also: Branham sign med. Koch / Koch's sign Babinski sign med. Brudzinski-Zeichen n Brudzinski sign also: Brudzinski's sign, Brudziski's sign, Brudziski sign med. Akustisches Zeichen n acoustic code algebraisches Zeichen n algebraic symbol math. Diakritische Zeichen pl diacritical signs ling.

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More information Contains translations by TU Chemnitz and Mr Honey's Business Dictionary (German-English). Dawbarn-Zeichen n Dawbarn's sign med. Note characteristic element Zeichen pl Vermerke marks als Zeichen as a token adv im Zeichen Gen. Chemisches Zeichen n im Periodensystem symbol in the periodic table chem. Darier-Zeichen n Darier's sign med. English-German translation for: Zeichen. CRC-Zeichen n cyclic redundancy check character  CRC character comp.

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